Time to exchange your friend Bitcoin operator for a bicheiro,‘ says financial market executive

Executive criticizes Bitcoin and says that anyone can be considered an expert in the market after investing in cryptomorphs.

Considered a critic of the cryptomorph market, recently the famous executive Faria Lima Elevator compared investments in Bitcoin with the game of the bug, which is considered a criminal offense in Brazil.

According to the writer who has a column in the Estadão, it is enough to invest any amount in cryptomoedas for the user to be considered an expert in the financial market.

Known as a critic of Bitcoin, Samy Dana offers a post-graduate course in blockchain technology.

Thus, the executive believes that it is „time to exchange your friend Bitcoin Up operator for a bicheiro“. Besides mentioning cryptomoedas investors, Elevator spoke about the vaccine against the new coronavirus in a comparison with the performance in the day traders market.

Bitcoin Operator

The financial market executive, Faria Lima Elevator, published a review on Bitcoin (BTC) in Estadão on Wednesday morning (13). When talking about the Coronavac vaccine, the famous one took the opportunity to make an analogy with the gains of investors.

‚Carioca falls in any tale, from the game of the bug to Bitcoin,‘ writes Gregório Duvivier

Before that, the executive said that users with investments from $ 0.19 in Bitcoin can already be considered specialists on the financial market, without the need of graduation courses and or specializations.

„The good thing about investing in Bitcoin is that even having 0.000001 of a digital currency, one automatically becomes a specialist in monetary policy, political economy and world economic history. Better than a college of economics“.

Bicheiro is better than cryptomoeda investor

Talking about the influence of friends and close people in investment decision making, Faria Lima Elevator’s text makes a harsh criticism to Bitcoin investors.

‚Only I buy that falls‘ reveals Brazilian investor ‚cold foot‘ that bought Bitcoin in the high of 2017 and in the high of 2021

For him, it is better to have a „bicheiro friend“ than to maintain friendship with investors in the cryptomoeda market. At this time, Elevator also criticizes users who act as day traders.

„Studies conducted by several research centers show how friendships can influence personal and professional satisfaction. Time to exchange your day trader friend and bitcoin trader. Better exchange for a bicheiro“.

Market Critic

This is not the first time that Faria Lima Elevator criticizes Bitcoin on social networks and in texts published in media outlets. Previously, the executive compared cryptomoeda to a man.

Always in a good mood, the economist has even said that the price of Bitcoin „is worth zero“, in another tweet published by him on the social network.

In another message released by Faria Lima on the Internet, the executive says he „loves the smell of Bitcoin melting in the morning“, criticizing the devaluation of BTC.

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